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Ab Workout with Torc

Torc Session for ABS

Founder 7E Wellness – Pooja Johari

Ab workout using 7e Torc Treatment Abs is a highly sophisticated and powerful device that mimics the body’s natural bio-electricity to workout the abdominal muscles more effectively than a traditional ab workout. Clients say that a Torc session feels like it is much more intense than a crunch. This device helps to flatten your stomach, reduces cellulite and a postpartum belly, and helps improve your posture by strengthening your core muscles. In your first :30 minute session with the Torc Treatment, clients have experienced an average loss of 3 inches around the abdomen. It is clinically proven to bring results and has treated more than 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide. At 7e Fit Spa, our highly skilled and trained staff works to understand the goal of each client in order to work out a customized protocol, using 7e Torc Treatment Abs!


When your abs are strong and you know how to breathe, you feel like you can do anything. For years now, I’ve noticed that core muscle strength is key to getting into any workout routine. That’s why I try to attend a yoga class as regularly as I can, and that’s why I make a point of doing fifty crunches every night.

In case you’ve been neglecting to observe basic fitness rules like this in the past few months and need to fit into that little black party dress ASAP, here’s a great way I’ve found to fast track right back into the groove.

A 7e -cleared bio-electrical stimulation treatment for body contouring, the 7e treatment is not designed for patients who are trying to achieve weight loss. It is a conditioning treatment that acts though bioelectrical waveforms to strengthen your core in as little as thirty five minutes.

Results / Before After

Clients have said a Torc session feels like it’s 150 times more intense than a crunch! In their first 30 minute session, clients have experienced an average loss of 3 inches around the abdomen.

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