DTC - Denver

Phone: (303) 862-6859

Address: 9555 E Arapahoe Suite 16
Greenwood Village, Co 80111

Situated in the high plains of Colorado, the Mile High City is an optimal location for encouraging an active lifestyle. Denver natives of all variety are granted easy access to both public parks and scenic hiking trails within the metro area.  A look toward the western skyline will find the picturesque Rocky Mountains; dozens of unparalleled ski resorts just a short drive away.  With this rich source of outdoor activity accompanied by an abundant amount of sunshine, it’s no wonder Colorado holds the title for fittest state in the nation.
Established in the early 1970’s, the Denver Technological Center, or DTC as it is referred, is a cornucopia of big businesses and big building, yet still an epicenter of Denver culture. In December of 2005, the City Council approved a zoning measure reducing future commercial projects by one million-square-feet in DTC West, and adding slightly over 1.4 million-square-feet for residential development. Average median income in the immediate area, Greenwood Village, is $110,000, where the average in Colorado is $55,000.




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