Torc Body Contouring

Whether you are a cross fit trainer or you haven’t worked out in years, whether you have joint pains or history of injury that refrains you from exercising, whether you just had a baby or you are menopausal, whether you have reached a plateau in your workouts or you need to jump start into a healthy lifestyle.

If you want a non-surgical and natural way of loosing weight, body contouring and maintaining fitness, the fastest way to get results is build muscles. When your body gets into the muscle-building mode, it uses all energy from stored fat cells as well as food intake to build more muscle fibers, resulting in inch loss, weight loss and toned body. This process also increases your metabolic rate.

7E FitSpa offers state-of-the-art body contouring treatments designed to help you to achieve your fitness and personal goals. Torc body contouring treatment helps build Lean muscle mass that you need to achieve Inch loss around abs, thighs, buttocks and arms. 

No matter who you are, FDA cleared Torc technology will help you get back in shape, build muscle strength and transform your entire body.  Torc Body contouring is a technology driven workout where you relax on the massage table, and Torc technology works out on your muscle group.

Q. : How many sessions you need to see the results. ?

View Before / After Gallery

View Before / After Gallery

You will see improvement in your muscle conditioning and detoxification in the first session itself. Just like any fitness program, it will depend on you, your current fitness score and commitment to reach your goals fast.

Q: How long it will last?

If you keep up your healthy lifestyle and exercise program along with Torcing, your results are for lifetime.

Q: Does it hurt?

Torc treatment is non-invasive, with no downtime and no pain. It doesn’t hurt at all. In the end of each treatment you feel sore, like a good workout and it feels good. 

Q: Does it help in loosing weight?

Torc treatment is a powerful exercise in specific areas. If you combine this with our 7e Myfitplan that offers diet and detoxification sessions, you can start loosing weight as well.

Q. : Does TORC Treatment work?

We can understand that there are many gimmicks in this industry that results in loosing people’s trust. We also understand that this program is not for everyone. Other than the amazing patented technology - Torc, the success of this program is dependant on your commitment to yourself. So, it is important that you do your due diligence, see our testimonials and before-after images from more than 10,000 women treated so far and come for a free consultation. If you get little convinced you can try your first session and see if this program is going to help you get to your fitness goals and then Commit !!