MyFitPlan Online Membership

MyFitPlan Online Membership
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7E MyFitPlan FULL membership gives you all the access to start tracking and maintaining your proper meal plan specific to you and as customizable as you want. Proper Nutrition is key to making a big and lasting change in your lifestyle. Big changes start with the first step! Your first step starts here.

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What is MyFitPlan?

7E MyFitPlan is proprietary health and wellness protocols, which helps you to achieve your personal health and fitness goal.  After decades of research 7E has build these 7 Elements of successful health and fitness. It helps our customer to achieve LONG term health and wellness.

How it works

MyFitPlan takes the hassle out of meal planning so you can FINALLY achieve your goals! New Body Fitness is THE diet and fitness program that will FINALLY get you the results you’ve been looking for! Why? Because we make it remarkably easy to stay on track no matter where you are or how hectic your schedule becomes.

Save Money. Eat better.

We offer the easiest-to-use meal planning system on the market. Fully customizable, our meal plans adjust to your preferences as often as you like. With more than 13,000 USDA food choices in our database, you're sure to find meals your whole family will love.

Stay on Track on the Go

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With our easy-to-use mobile app, you can view meal plans, coordinate grocery lists and track calories burned no matter where you are. Keeping up with your progress has never been simpler.